Your profile as an interpreter

You are an experienced freelance interpreter

As a MISSIONS-CADRES umbrella employee, you get security and serenity in your job as an interpreter.

MISSIONS-CADRES handles your administrative and tax matters for you.

You save time, plus you get paid for the work you have done every month, even before your client pays your invoice.

Interpreting market monitoring

You get custom support from your personal MISSIONS-CADRES advisor, who monitors calls to tender for interpreters.

30% more in billings as an interpretation project manager

Develop your career through MISSIONS-CADRES’ network of professional interpreters and translators. Using our network of employees, you can submit bids as a project manager for large-scale calls to tender.

You are a recent graduate

As a MISSIONS-CADRES umbrella employee, you can test and develop your market with 100% focus.

MISSIONS-CADRES supports your success by providing rate assistance and helping you network with other interpreters.

Key figures on interpreters in France

(Source AIIC study, 2008)

  • France is the world’s largest market for private interpreters.
  • There are 1,200 to 1,400 interpreters based in France.
  • 3 out of 4 interpreters are women
  • 70% of interpreters live in the Paris region.
  • 80% of survey participants trained as interpreters.
  • 87% of survey participants frequently perform simultaneous interpreting, 26% consecutive interpreting, 13% whisper interpreting, and 10% escort interpreting.
  • Fees for experienced professional interpreters who belong to the AIIC range from €600 to more than €1,000 a day according to their specialty.

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