Your profile as a translator

You are an experienced freelance or self-employed translator

Umbrella employment with MISSIONS-CADRES, unlike self-employed or freelance status, offers security. You remain independent, with no hierarchical links between us, but with all the advantages of employee status (health insurance coverage, pension, maternity leave, professional liability insurance, etc.).

Your status allows you to reconcile your personal and professional lives with full peace of mind. In the event of a dispute, you have a solid team behind you to defend your interests.

MISSIONS-CADRES manages all the administrative and tax aspects of your business for you. You are paid in full, with full transparency, at the end of each month, according to the work you have done, even before the client pays your invoice.

Experts in the translation market

Your personal MISSIONS-CADRES advisor helps you with invoicing and monitors calls to tender in the translation sector.

You are just getting started in translation

Whether you have recently changed professions, are a recent graduate with a degree in translation, or would like an additional source of income, umbrella employment with MISSIONS-CADRES will allow you to test and develop your business without taking unnecessary risks.

MISSIONS-CADRES assists you with your business strategy and helps you network with other umbrella translators.

Key figures on translation

Source: 2009 survey, French Translation Society – Results of a survey with 1,058 respondents in France

  • 77% women
  • 89% with at least 4 years of post-secondary education
  • 40% with no formal training in translation or interpreting
  • 80% invoice at a rate of XXX to XXX per source word!
  • only 27% bill travel expenses
  • 65% translate 200 to 400 words per hour
  • only 25% establish quotes beforehand and only 38% establish purchase orders
  • All types of additional services are on the rise
  • 27% get half of their business from Industry and Technical sectors, 13% from the legal and political sectors.

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