Your profile as an instructor

You are a confirmed freelance or self-employed instructor

Umbrella status with MISSIONS-CADRES differs from self-employed or freelance status because it offers more security and saves you a considerable amount of time.

You remain independent with no hierarchical relationship with us, yet you get all the advantages of employee status (health insurance coverage, pension, maternity leave, professional liability insurance, etc.) and full coverage of admin.

45% of our umbrella employees are instructors

Your personal MISSIONS-CADRES advisor will help you put together a training file and take care of your administrative obligations.

To help you find new clients, MISSIONS-CADRES regularly monitors calls to tender in the training sector.

Change sectors and go into training

Are you thinking of becoming an instructor after 15 years’ experience in your sector?

Or are you a recent graduate?

To help you succeed as a continuing education instructor, your umbrella company MISSIONS-CADRES allows you to test and develop your market without taking any financial risks.

MISSIONS-CADRES helps you with your sales strategy and includes you in our network of umbrella instructors.

Key figures on training

Source ADRES, 2012

  • €31.5 billion spent on professional training and continuing education
  • 41% of total spending on training comes from businesses, 15% from the French State and 14% from Regional authorities

See testimonials from our umbrella instructors

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