Umbrella employment, an ideal status for service providers

Le portage salarial : pour qui ?

Umbrella employment is perfectly suited for specialised intellectual professionals, no matter what their current status: in-house employee, job seeker, freelance worker, small business owner, or working retiree.

MISSIONS-CADRES adapts its service to your professional profile and advises you on the type of services you can provide and which contracts and agreements you need to respect according to your profession: consultants or creatives, instructors, interpreters and translators.

Independent or freelance workers

Are you an independent service provider who spends too much time on admin, or have you had unpleasant surprises with your taxes?
Umbrella employment provides more protection and flexibility, with the advantages of salaried employment. You set aside all your time for your clients.

In-house employee

Would you like to do extra work occasionally or part-time, even longer one-off assignments?
Umbrella employment is a way to earn extra income.


Umbrella employment lets you test out your business project risk-free, liberating you from fiscal, legal, and administrative constraints so you can concentrate on your business and on finding new clients.

Self-employed worker

As a self-employed worker with auto-entrepreneur status, you may feel limited by the annual earnings cap, but not be ready to register a fully-fledged company (EURL, SARL, etc.).
You can combine your current status with umbrella employment, which places no limit on your annual billings.

Job seeker

Umbrella employment is also a good option for recent graduates looking for a professional springboard, for job seekers who want to start their own business, and for retirees who want to keep doing some work.

Who are MISSIONS-CADRES’ umbrella employees?

Breakdown by profession

  • Consultants: 32%
  • Instructors: 15%
  • Interpreters: 24%
  • Translators: 29%

By gender and status

  • Men: 37%
    • Non-cadre: 60%
    • Cadre: 40%
  • Women: 63%
    • Non-cadre: 84%
    • Cadre: 16%