Umbrella guide for instructors

Your future assignment as an umbrella instructor

Your umbrella contract

Have you decided to make the transition from freelance or self-employed status to umbrella employment with MISSIONS-CADRES?

Your first step is to sign up, free of charge, and establish an umbrella contract.

Your contract or your training contract

You get an authorised instructor registration number from MISSIONS-CADRES. We help you draw up a three-party contract to be signed by you, your client, and MISSIONS-CADRES.

You will be provided with the ready-to-use documents you need for your assignment, so you can get all your paperwork together without losing any time:

  • the title and description of your assignment,
  • number of hours to be worked,
  • training hours and timetable,
  • terms of training: training objectives, training plan, training method,
  • confidentiality clause,
  • professional ethics,
  • training rules,
  • attendance sheets,
  • trainee certificates,
  • pricing and payment conditions,
  • professional expenses and any other points to prevent disputes between your client, our company, and the insurance company.

MISSIONS-CADRES takes care of OPCA approval if the training contract provides for it.

Once your training assignment is complete

Simply send us your trainees’ attendance sheets.

How to draw up your invoice

You establish your invoice and send MISSIONS-CADRES your expense report, without waiting for OPCA reimbursement.

In the event of an incident during the service

Notify your advisor immediately so that they can take all the necessary measures.

For a personalised study or for more information, phone the MISSIONS-CADRES instructor team at +33 (0)4 50 36 70 97.