Umbrella guide for consultants

Five key steps in your consulting service:

1/ Your initial approach

It is identical to an independent consultant’s approach. You decide on your own business name and your rates, and MISSIONS-CADRES gives you support if you need it in this initial phase.

MISSIONS-CADRES provides you with a PDF presentation brochure to help you explain your umbrella status to your client.

2/ Your service contract with the client

No matter how complex your assignment (outsourced, offshore), MISSIONS-CADRES helps you draw up a three-party contract to be signed by you, your client, and MISSIONS-CADRES.

You must specify the following points as they pertain to your assignment:

  • the title and description of your assignment,
  • number of hours to be worked,
  • timetable and lead times,
  • terms of performing the service,
  • property clause for results,
  • confidentiality clause,
  • pricing and payment conditions,
  • professional expenses and any other points to prevent disputes between your client, our company, and the insurance company.

3/ Your umbrella contract

When your prospect confirms that they are ready to assign you work as a specialised consultant, it is time to sign up with MISSIONS-CADRES and establish an umbrella contract.

4/ Once your service is complete

A document will be produced and signed by the client, to confirm that the terms of the service contract have been met (timesheet, report, etc.).

5/ Your invoice

You establish your invoice or bill and send your expense statement to MISSIONS-CADRES. You are paid at the end of the month following your consulting service if your work was done in mainland France. MISSIONS-CADRES then invoices your end client, who remains your client.

In the event of an incident during the service

Notify your advisor immediately so that they can take all the necessary measures.

For a personalised study or for more information, phone the MISSIONS-CADRES consultant team at +33 (0)4 50 36 70 97.