International umbrella company services with MISSIONS-CADRES

Services for international freelancers

MISSIONS-CADRES hosts 10% of international consultants for whom we provide umbrella services. We cover their specific needs thanks to our strong expertise in expatriation and secondment.

Who can benefit from international umbrella company services?

International umbrella services are intended for independent consultants, managers, trainers, interpreters and managers who work internationally:

  • in France on behalf of a foreign company,
  • in a foreign country on secondment for specific assignments or as expatriates.

International umbrella company services for your assignments abroad

International umbrella company services provide a secure environment for your assignments abroad. In case of secondment, you keep the same social rights as an employee on French soil: social security, pension contributions, unemployment insurance.

MISSIONS-CADRES takes care of your best interests and provides support for drafting your international service contracts and for all the administrative, fiscal, accounting and social formalities linked with your secondment or expatriation assignment.

Why choose MISSIONS-CADRES as your international umbrella company?

Our expertise in complex secondment or expatriation cases has been recognised for the past 20 years and our human resource advisors are regularly trained in the latest legislation governing international contracts.

With MISSIONS-CADRES, you can be assured of the best support for your international assignments:

  • specialist advice in secondment and expatriation,
  • the benefits of French social rights,
  • professional liability insurance adapted to your travel,
  • legal support for negotiating your international contracts,
  • administrative management of your relocation abroad,
  • management of foreign exchange operations,
  • help for correctly evaluating your per diem depending on the host country,
  • advice and support for your return.

He’s chosen MISSIONS-CADRES for his assignments abroad!

Pascal C., international development consultant: "I'm subjected to two professional constraints: emergency interventions and managing the administrative authorisations delivered by the countries where I work. As soon as I'm given the green light to go, I immediately need an assignment contract. The responsiveness and expertise that I have come to expect from MISSIONS-CADRES is very reassuring."

Contact MISSIONS-CADRES at +33 4 50 36 70 97 for a free study of your assignments under international umbrella company service status..

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