Testimonials from interpreters

Klara T, French-German interpreter
“MISSIONS-CADRES is accustomed to working with people from my professional background.”

At 28 years of age, I met my French partner in Munich, during an international conference on the evolution of the European automotive market. After two years of travelling back and forth between Paris and Munich, my private life took over and I decided to join him in France. The first months everything is beautiful and new, but then my professional life came back to the fore. I started looking for the best status under which to operate as a professional interpreter, above all wanting to have the least possible administrative paperwork and a good social protection.

A French colleague told me about the umbrella company system. It appeared that the choice to work as a salaried employee of an umbrella company is quite common among interpreters. Upon her advice, I contacted MISSIONS-CADRES. The company is accustomed to working with people from my professional background and provides services which are particularly suited to my constraints. It's been a year now, and I’m traveling and pursuing my career without having to worry about the paperwork! MISSIONS-CADRES is responsible for everything. Furthermore, I have the same social protection as a regular company employee*. And for me that is very important, knowing that I'll be adequately protected in terms of health and other benefits when I'm pregnant, because that's my next big life project for the coming year!

*Editor’s note: This is not the case in France between the independent freelance status and the salaried employee status, the former being less generous.

Vincent D., interpreter
“With MISSIONS-CADRES, I get comfort and peace of mind”

I started out with independent status, but some colleagues told me about all the practical advantages of umbrella employment. Since I started working with MISSIONS-CADRES in 2011, I’ve been happy with this status. I don’t have to chase up my clients or deal with disputes. It also gives me some security, since I get paid every month and have a permanent employment contract.

I like the comfort of being employed by a company that defends my interests and gives me the peace of mind I need to do my work.

Astrid K., Interpreter
“10 years as a MISSIONS-CADRES umbrella employee”

I have been an umbrella employee with MISSIONS-CADRES for ten years. The main advantage for me is that I save hours on admin, which is something I have no clue how to do in the first place.

When I first started out, I had some problems with the tax office. In the end, they admitted that they had made a mistake, but I really appreciated the support I got from my advisors at MISSIONS-CADRES, who know more about the law than I do.

More concretely, as an umbrella employee, I get the advantages that come with employee status. For example, if I lost my work, I would be able to claim unemployment benefits. That’s even more important to me now that I have a child.

Roberta F. - Translator-interpreter
"MISSIONS-CADRES pays me as soon as I bill my clients"

Working with an umbrella company is great, because it frees you of all the admin that independent workers have to do.

I’ve tried other umbrella companies in the past, and I chose MISSIONS-CADRES because they are efficient and pleasant to deal with. And above all, I get paid as soon as I bill my clients, plus they deal with collecting unpaid bills.

It saves me so much time, so I can concentrate more on my work and on finding new business... all at a reasonable cost.

With MISSIONS-CADRES, I earn more than if I were on my own

In the end, I make more with MISSIONS-CADRES than if I had official independent status, and I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with accounting and admin.

Sita G. - Consultant, translator, interpreter and English teacher
"MISSIONS-CADRES, the ideal partner for starting out!"

Before I started up, I thought about going independent or setting up my own company, but I didn’t know if I’d have enough regular work for it to be worth it once I paid all the expenses.
In June 2007, after talking to someone who works for MISSIONS-CADRES, I decided to go sign up with them and work for an umbrella company. I went to the MISSIONS-CADRES offices, and their team took the time to tell me about the pros and cons of working for an umbrella company. Their explanation was crystal clear.

Real support and guidance
Now, I’m so glad I signed up with MISSIONS-CADRES! I feel that I’m getting the support and assistance I need. MISSIONS-CADRES is there when I need them, and they always respond to my emails quickly. They have a professional billing system and send you templates for essential administrative documents. It saves you an enormous amount of time. I get paid at the beginning of the month and don’t have to wait until my client pays. With MISSIONS-CADRES, I feel like I have co-workers, even though I work independently.

MISSIONS-CADRES gives my business a boost
They have a training registration number, so MISSIONS-CADRES gives my business a boost and helps me look credible to clients. I can truly focus on serving my clients and growing my business. With its wide network of employees, they can also put me in touch with other professionals when my clients ask me for specific services.