Testimonials from translators

Maud K. - Translator, former umbrella employee
"Responsive, always available, and nice to work with"

I worked for Missions Cadres for over five years, and I really enjoyed our partnership. The whole team is responsive, always available, and nice to work with.

There was always somebody on hand to answer my questions and help me figure out what to do next. I’m sure I would have stayed with them much longer, but, due to economic circumstances, I decided to start my own company with a friend and co-worker so we could target a different type of clientele.

Florence J. - Translator
"MISSIONS-CADRES has always done everything it could to meet my needs and to adapt to my clients' assignments"

Although I live far from the head office (I work as a translator in the Paris region), I immediately established a warm, human contact with the MISSIONS-CADRES team. Everyone has always been very available for any questions I have had, even when I’ve pestered them several times a day...

In the three years I have worked for MISSIONS-CADRES, I have never had any administrative or financial problems, I have been paid regularly and right on time, and I have been kept informed of anything that could have an impact on my individual situation, on the company, or on umbrella companies in general. MISSIONS-CADRES has always done everything it could to meet my needs and to adapt to my clients’ assignments.

They handle administrative tasks in a totally transparent manner, which means I can focus all my efforts on my translation work, with total confidence in them. Plus, MISSIONS-CADRES takes care of its employees: each year, they host a dinner for everyone, attended by one of the management team, even if the reception is held in Paris. One year, I met Sylviane (sometimes Bernard makes the trip), and I have met other employees who have become professional contacts and friends.

MISSIONS-CADRES also gives us precious help looking for new clients. If we choose, they send us information on calls to tender that we can bid for alone or with colleagues. And MISSIONS-CADRES is there for me if my workload drops off; they leave me free to decide how much I can or want to take on, without pressuring me or giving me restrictions. I wholeheartedly recommend MISSIONS-CADRES to all translators interested in working for an umbrella company, whether they are in France or abroad.

Catherine C. - Translator
"MISSIONS-CADRES = respect for the law, respect for employees"

My own translation agency, with a company handling my accounts
I’ve been with MISSIONS-CADRES for 5 years now! That’s 5 years that I’ve been concentrating on my work full-time: it’s sort of like having my own translation agency within another company that manages my accounts. I can focus on my clients, which means I’m productive and deliver quality work. My clients appreciate that.

My clients are my clients, and MISSIONS-CADRES respects that
I’m independent at heart, so I like that MISSIONS-CADRES has never once tried to call my clients. If one of my clients doesn’t pay on time, which is thankfully rare, MISSIONS-CADRES emails me asking me to get in touch with the client, but they would also contact them for me if I wanted, although I’ve always preferred to do it myself. They respect that.

Your salary on the 5th of the month
One thing I like about this work is that I can get in touch with a pool of translators, so I can meet all my clients’ needs! I’ve always been paid on time, before the 5th of each month. It’s really nice, especially since my mortgage payments are debited on the 5th... The only thing to add is that MISSIONS-CADRES respects the law and respects its employees.

Dalila B. - Translator

An organisation that fits my needs
After working for several years with independent status and then working for another umbrella company, which I didn’t like at all, I started looking for a more organised structure that fit my needs. So I looked around online until I found the perfect solution: MISSIONS-CADRES. I immediately got clear, precise answers to all my questions, about tax issues, expenses, billing, and general operation, and I could tell right away that the relationship would be based on trust, transparency and discipline.

Concentrating on what I like, translation
Now I can really forget about all the paperwork and bureaucracy that I had to do when I was on my own, and I can concentrate on what I like to do: translation! And I make much more now than I did then.

Their rules are: keep it confidential and give good advice.
I organise my work as I please. Missions-Cadres doesn’t meddle, and they never get in touch with my clients. But if I have the slightest question or if I need advice, I know I can count on the team to be there. They are so pleasant to work with.

And a lot of my former co-workers have followed my lead since 2003. It’s really a great feeling!