Testimonials from instructors

Valérie B, marketing trainer
“Vital professional support to face the many changes taking place in the field of vocational training”

I joined MISSIONS-CADRES in 2016 after several years operating as a trainer under my own micro business status. The new obligations imposed on vocational trainers following the reform of vocational training introduced by the French government made me decide to avoid the new administrative complexities and all the paperwork now required to be certified.

A friend, herself a trainer, recommended getting in touch with MISSIONS-CADRES. Here I received an excellent welcome and, above all, the help of professionals who were specialised in the training sector.

Thanks to MISSIONS-CADRES, I am able to benefit from their Datadock training organisation certification and from their trainer accreditation. But that's not all! Their good knowledge of the regulatory obligations in the field of training makes it possible for me to save valuable time! MISSIONS-CADRES provides me with a kit of templates to manage all my training agreements and contracts without making any mistakes.

Anne D., consultant, instructor, and coach in time management, stress management, and interpersonal
“Peace of mind and the support I need”

My husband and I started our own company in 2009, but we decided to dissolve it in 2016. I needed to free up some time and availability. Things were still complicated after the professional training law came into effect, because there were new restrictions on instructors.

I decided to sign up with an umbrella company so I could continue working under more comfortable conditions. My contact there has enough perspective and distance to give me the support I need. Working for an umbrella company means I don’t have to deal with admin, and it gives me peace of mind, and extra time, so I can focus on my core business.

Another advantage is that I’m part of a dynamic network. Plus, “employee” status is still the most advantageous one around.

Armelle D., non-verbal communication coach
“With umbrella employment, there are no unpleasant surprises”

I never wanted to start my own company. I had looked into auto-entrepreneur status, but I wasn’t sure about it. I was interested in umbrella employment, because I wanted something simple, with no cumbersome admin. I get a pay slip and I have the same rights as any employee. I get a lot of support, and I have the opportunity to network with the other umbrella professionals who work with MISSIONS-CADRES.

Sonia H., web-marketing instructor
"Thanks to my umbrella company, Ihavetime for my core business"

Being a web-marketing instructor demands a lot of time

"My work consists in training and advising top and middle management teams, helping them understand and learn to use the web to find new clients and to build loyalty.

"My professional positioning is tailored to their needs, so that my services suit their business to a T and are in line with their level of experience. My profession demands a lot of time and preparation: I have to keep an eye on the sector and the market, make projections for the future, look at new sales and marketing opportunities linked to major technological changes that aren’t always easy to comprehend, and so forth.

"My personalised teaching approach, which was inspired by the Serious Games, the cornerstone of my courses, means that I have to remain very open for my students." 

Making the most of my core business while delegating admin to my umbrella company

"I can delegate my admin to a team specialised in just that, which is really reassuring to my clients.

"MISSIONS-CADRES has experience in professional training, which means that it can handle every aspect of my work as an instructor, including agreement writing, imputation of training budgets, accreditation numbers, training coverage, and more. It is a real asset that gives us all peace of mind. Over the past two years, their simplified administrative procedures have freed me from all my concerns!"

Faster turnaround for clients

"Now I can focus on my core business: advising, consulting, and training corporate clients on how the Internet is changing their sales, business and marketing functions, and on how they can get new clients thanks to the internet!

"Companies can undercut their competitors by using technology and marketing innovations. Their business models are increasingly threatened by online competition and markets that have been opened internationally."

Starting out with an umbrella company
Sylvie D., a senior communications consultant, has done it. Since October, she has worked for umbrella company MISSIONS-CADRES. Here is what she had to say about her first weeks as afreelancer.

MISSIONS-CADRES: why did you decide to start out with an umbrella company?

Sylvie D.: "I had been working in a communication agency for 5 years as a communications consultant. The agency closed in October for financial reasons, but some of my clients wanted to keep working with me. So, I decided to take a no-risk approach by working with an umbrella company.

MC: have you come up against any difficulties?

Sylvie D.: When you go from an in-house position to freelance work, you have to look for new clients and do your primary work at the same time. It is kind of complicated to go from working in-house with other people, to working independently, at home, without regular contact with colleagues.

MC: how have you sought out new clients?

Sylvie D.: I admit that I’m a little behind on that… I have had a lot of work since October, and I haven’t been able to take the time I needed to find new clients. So, that will be one of my priorities starting in January.

MC: how do you plan to do it?

Sylvie D.: My work takes me out into the field a lot, and I have a pretty clear idea of the communication needs in Haute-Savoie at the moment. I also know that things are very competitive, and there is a whole group of people in this profession who undervalue themselves, which hurts us all.

First of all, I need to work on my prospecting. I need to print up brochures, letterhead and flyers and set up a website. I already have a logo and a name. These things will help me in my B-to-B relations, but I can’t justify doing mail-shots.

I am going to start by networking and going through my close contacts. I’ll get in touch with all the professionals I have worked with, either closely or remotely, and then based on who I meet and what information I can get from them, I hope to get in touch with other decision-makers and professionals who need communication advice. Part of that work will involve contacting local authorities and institutions in Haute-Savoie so that I can get a chance to bid on calls to tender that are being renewed.

I can also use my contacts in Switzerland. I already have a series of lunches planned in January to present my services to them. Finally, I have kept in touch with my old agency’s creative team: the graphic designers, photographers and web designers. By working with a team, I can cover every aspect of corporate, public and political communication.

MC: how much do you hope to make in terms of revenues?

Sylvie D.: first of all, I want to hold onto my existing clients and diversify my range of services, and then get three new regular clients over the course of the year and complete at least 3 or 4 projects (campaigns, communication strategies, etc.) over the year. If I meet this target, I’ll make double what I was earning at the agency.

Bernard Béguin on what Sylvie needs to improve

As Sylvie said, it takes some adjustment to go from an in-house position to independent work.

She has a few points that she needs to improve:

  • Rethinking her schedule to factor in time for creation, production, and prospecting;
  • Reading the terms of operation provided in the registration pack, which has a wealth of VERY USEFUL information;
  • Setting up her marketing tools: networks, blog, brochures, presentation of services, etc.
  • Prospecting: targets, contacts, etc.
  • Setting her rates. Sylvie listened to our advice and set the right rates immediately… and she is getting clients!

We should also highlight her strong points:

  • Teamwork: by working with former colleagues, she can go after contracts that she would not have been able to get all alone;
  • Writing up her methods for calls to tender, which means that she can rapidly get approval from local authorities;

There is no doubt that she’ll be a success in 2012!

Catherine A. - Instructor
"I got my professional identity back thanks to an umbrella company, MISSIONS-CADRES!"

After three long years on unemployment, with a few short-term jobs that were below my skills level, I got my professional identity back thanks to an umbrella company, MISSIONS-CADRES.

With my solid experience as a former department head in a professional training company and after teaching English in the corporate setting for more than 15 years, I was planning on setting up my own business, but I was reluctant to go for it, because of all the risks and restrictions involved.

I was tired of working as a substitute teacher in training centres, where the people were nice, but everything was complicated. The supervisors were too involved, especially for a competent instructor like myself, and it often took too long to get answers to special requests from clients.

Thanks to MISSIONS-CADRES, I went into business for myself again, and I got back the freedom which I hold so dear. Now, I find my own clients and negotiate my own terms. I am completely responsible for my own coursework and for the quality of my work. Since I have employee status, I have a certain level of job security, and I am on top of my fees and contributions, especially for retirement and unemployment, but I don’t have all the anxiety that comes with being a small-business owner.

Bernard A. - Maintenance technician and IT instructor
"With MISSIONS-CADRES, I've found the perfect solution!

Before I found umbrella companies, I’d tried everything!
I spent the past 13 years looking for a legal status that would allow me to do my job under the best possible conditions. It hasn’t always been easy.
I tried everything: setting up my own company, independent status, being self-employed, and working in-house, but nothing really felt right. I wasted a lot of time on admin and management. There were advantages in working in-house for another company, but I felt that it held me back, because I like independence and variety.

There are real advantages to working for an umbrella company
I had heard about umbrella companies, but the concept didn’t really catch my interest. One day, a co-worker told me about MISSIONS-CADRES, an umbrella company he worked for as a consultant, and what he liked about working for them.

The way he described it, it made me want to find out more, and then what I read about them online made me want to meet someone from the company.

They were very friendly, and they gave me a clear and precise explanation of what they do.
It’s been a year now, and I know I’ve found the perfect situation.

I have the independence of being self-employed and the peace of mind of working in-house!
All you have to do is build and keep up your network of clients, and MISSIONS CADRES does the rest!
You pay a reasonable (and adjustable) percentage of your revenues to a company that takes care of your administrative, fiscal and social matters.

Véronique T. - Instructor
"MISSIONS-CADRES: effective and professional service"

Freelance administration: the ideal solution to free oneself of the invoicing constraints of instructors
Freelance administration enables instructors to work with training bodies that only accept to pay fees, because some establishments refuse to put their instructors on their payroll.

Thanks to the freelance administration formula, the instructor can carry out his/her assignment, the freelance administration company takes care of the invoicing and the instructor has the status of employee.
I’ve been working with MISSIONS-CADRES for several years and I’m entirely satisfied. MISSIONS-CADRES offers an effective and professional service.

Jacques C. - Instructor
"Start my own company? It's complicated and pointless!

When I first started working as an instructor, I had no idea how much I would be making, so I couldn't justify setting up my own company. I thought that MISSIONS-CADRES offered several advantages.

Why should I do something that an umbrella company can do better, since they are already doing it on a large scale?
You have to do so much admin to start a company, and it doesn't come free! MISSIONS-CADRES took care of it all for me.

Why should I go through all the steps to set up a company when MISSIONS-CADRES has already gone through it?
I can bill my work at my pre-tax rate through a certified training centre.

Why should I spend hours on accounting and admin when I don't like it and have no training in it?
With MISSIONS-CADRES, I don't have to deal with billing, accounting, or collection. I don't have to post my results or pay a host of fees and taxes. Plus, at the beginning of every month, I receive a salary for the work I did the previous month. I don't even have to wait for my clients to pay.
This way, I can concentrate on doing my job and looking for new work.

It's been a great 6 years with MISSIONS-CADRES!
For more than 6 years now, I have been totally happy with my working conditions and my partnership with MISSIONS-CADRES. I feel free and independent with my work (workload, choice of clients, services and negotiating my conditions), but I have all the advantages of employee status (the reassurance that I'll get paid, social charges, etc.).

Joël M. - Communication instructor
"Administrative comfort, with a human aspect!"

Working independently
I am a communication instructor, and I started out working in-house. I worked as an instructor to professionals and disadvantaged individuals. Before long, I realised that when you work in-house for another company, sometimes one has to accept work that isn’t exactly in line with one’s sense of ethics. So I started looking into working for an umbrella company, so I could be more selective about my assignments.

My clients like that I work for an umbrella company
Contrary to some of my concerns, my clients were happy to work with me as an employee of an umbrella company. Credibility has never been an issue.

A comfortable status
In the past, I experimented with different statuses: freelance, non-profit, starting my own company, and so on. I feel more comfortable and at ease working for an umbrella company, both in administrative and financial terms.

MISSIONS-CADRES, an added human dimension
I worked with MISSIONS-CADRES from 2000 to 2006. They were always very cordial. But I never had any problems, so I didn’t need to be in touch that often. Mr. Paluszak did ask that we meet once a year to talk about our experience and give us recommendations that fit our individual situations. I learned a lot from these meetings and made some important professional contacts.

But in 2006, I really saw how great the company’s human aspect was when I became seriously ill. MISSIONS-CADRES helped me get the benefits I needed and gave me a wealth of good advice. On top of the material support I got, they provided me with constant, subtle moral support, and that is what I appreciated the most. I look back fondly on the time I spent with them, and I still feel a strong bond with the team.

Alain L.D. - Coach, instructor, consultant
"MISSIONS-CADRES, an administrative structure you can trust"

I have worked for umbrella companies since 1998, and I’ve been with MISSIONS-CADRES since 2002.

I think that working with an umbrella company is an ideal solution. It lets me be independent, but I have an administrative structure that handles my bills, pays my salary and gives me advice.

My experience with MISSIONS-CADRES is one of trust and support with anything I need. Over time, I have also become friends with the team.