Testimonials from consultants

Daniel L, IT consultant
“New professional life working under an umbrella company”

It isn't easy to hear you've been laid off for restructuring reasons after 10 years of loyal service to a company... At 45, I found myself clocking in at the national employment agency... A tough time, with its attendant stress and questions. My agency suggested I attend a presentation of the umbrella company status, while I continued to seek employment. I said to myself "why not"...

Following the presentation, I decided I to find out more. I made an appointment with MISSIONS-CADRES, because it was the umbrella company closest to where I lived. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm and understanding welcome of Bernard Béguin, who quite clearly understood both my situation and my disarray. Together, we took the time to analyse my strengths and weaknesses and assess whether the umbrella company status was a viable solution for me, after working for many years as an ordinary salaried employee. He didn't try to sell me the umbrella status, he was very direct when explaining the challenges I would face and above all the commercial side of things for which I would be alone responsible.

Bernard Béguin helped me to structure my project to try the experience. I continued to search for job opportunities, but I was now able to leave my business card as a freelancer, which is easier to negotiate than a recruitment for a salaried position. Thanks to my networking and persistent searching, I was given my first assignment in February 2018, after just 6 months of unemployment! It’s a long-term assignment in the banking IT sector and while I’m now operating under the umbrella of MISSIONS-CADRES, I haven't lost my rights to unemployment benefits once my current assignment is over. The status suits me and is also appreciated by my client. I’m hoping to continue!

Fabrice D, human resource consultant
“I decided to change my umbrella company!”

With 20 years of experience behind me, I have operated under a variety of professional statuses: salaried employee, freelancer and, since 2014, working via an umbrella company. My former umbrella company didn’t fully satisfy me in terms of compensation. I started to look around for other umbrella companies in the Haute-Savoie region. I made an appointment with each of them to make a reliable comparison of their services, their management fees and the types of compensation I could expect. MISSIONS-CADRES convinced me for several reasons:

Unlike my former umbrella company, my net remuneration is paid 100% at the beginning of the month following the completion of my assignment. I appreciate not waiting for my client to pay my invoice before being paid myself and not having to stagger my remuneration.

At MISSIONS-CADRES, the posted management fees are real and all State contributions, mission expenses, sub-contracting expenses are clearly detailed in a personal statement that I receive every month.

There are expenses I do not pay – e.g. no registration fee with MISSIONS-CADRES – and I’m free to leave the company without having to pay any compensation.

I also appreciate that the size of the company means it's possible to have good personal contact and that I have a dedicated advisor who is really listening when I have a problem. I have absolutely no regrets about having changed my umbrella company, because I'm winning across the board!

Véronique S., fashion education consultant
“Peace of mind and confidence”

I’m someone who goes with my instinct. In 2016, I decided to strike out on my own as a freelance consultant, employed by an umbrella company. This status gives me enormous peace of mind as well as great confidence.

I feel supported and protected by MISSIONS-CADRES. I think they take my own interests to heart. And it is reassuring to get a salary every month. Another plus is that I don’t have to do any more admin, tax or otherwise, so I can focus on my core business.

François M., digitalisation consultant
“Flexibility, respect for my independence, and a healthy distance between client and consultant”

It didn’t take me long to choose umbrella employment. It is flexible and lets me be independent, and I get the same rights as someone with employee status. All contracts are signed by the consultant, the client company, and the umbrella company, which sets up a fair, healthy distance between all the parties. Umbrella employment also makes international assignments easier. And on a more mundane note, I can deduct my assignment expenses, which is a definite plus.

Philippe E., 3D graphic design engineer
“An advantageous status with no cap on revenues, and the possibility of outsourcing”

In 2015, I set myself up as an auto-entrepreneur. My business started taking off, and I had to decide how to deal with the revenue cap. I didn’t want the legal and tax hurdles that come with starting your own company, because I wanted to focus on my core business.

I found out about umbrella employment through word of mouth. After meeting with MISSIONS-CADRES, I decided to opt for this status, which has another advantage: I can outsource work when I need to.

Now, I have both statuses, and my clients take that as a sign that my business is going well.

Rémy C., plastics consultant
“Umbrella employment is a simple status for your business”

First, I tried starting my own business with auto-entrepreneur status. Then when I learned about the advantages of umbrella employment, I decided that it would be easier to manage than starting my own business.

I like umbrella employment, because it’s flexible and doesn’t tie me down to a particular place. I can work from wherever I like. I also appreciate the trust I can put in MISSIONS-CADRES. They are hard-working professionals who know how to adapt to my needs.

Pascal C., international development consultant
“MISSIONS-CADRES acts fast, which is crucial for my work”

My work is dependent on two major factors: the urgent need for action and administrative authorisations from the countries where I work. Sometimes I have to wait for several months, and then once the local roadblock is cleared, I have to go right then. To do that, I need my assignment contract immediately.

I had heard about umbrella employment, so I decided to test it out with MISSIONS-CADRES. I appreciate their quick turnaround time and their experience with international umbrella employment contracts.

Yann D., quality management consultant
“Umbrella employment gives me flexibility”

When I moved to Haute-Savoie in 2011, I decided to start a new business. I was a business owner in the past, and I wanted the same freedom in my new role as a quality management consultant. I knew I could get that with an umbrella company, because you get the flexibility you need to get your business off the ground.

Alexandre C., computer graphics designer
“Umbrella employment gives you a boost when you start out”

When I got my degree in 2014, I wasn’t sure if I should go straight into an in-house job or start out on my own. At first, I was wary of the tax and administrative obligations, and auto-entrepreneur status didn’t seem like a reliable long-term solution.

My uncle told me about umbrella employment and put me in touch with MISSIONS-CADRES. It was the perfect status for me. I got the independence of being freelance, with no administrative hassle, and good social protection. I was really impressed by how involved Bernard Béguin is. He was like a mentor to me. He helped me build up and promote my business offer and taught me how to approach potential prospects.

I turned to the contacts I already had who were interested in my work and my profile. They had a positive reaction to the idea of umbrella work. I added new clients, and after a year’s experience, I was earning more than I would have in an entry-level position in-house.

Richard B., office manager
“Umbrella status: simple with the protection you need”

What first won me over with umbrella status was the simplicity: I didn’t want to have to deal with the admin and tax paperwork for my business. As a specialised knowledge worker, I didn’t have any major equipment investments. Umbrella status is the ideal solution for someone in my situation.

I get peace of mind with the added protection that comes with employee status.

Karine M., HR consultant
“Freelance? Never again!”

I worked for ten years as a self-employed freelance consultant. In 2012, I lost a few of my clients. Between exorbitant URSSAF payments out of proportion to my real income and my accountant’s fees, I had a really difficult year. And there weren’t many people around to help.

Through a mutual friend, I met the general manager of MISSIONS-CADRES and told him about my situation. He helped me get out of it. It took a lot of time, a lot of paperwork, a lot of money, and a lot of energy!

I made the change to umbrella employment so I could keep my business going. It was the best decision I’ve ever made! No more tax fears or administrative hassles. My confidence is back, I can work harder and smarter, and I’m less stressed. Plus, I’m not alone anymore!

Armelle D., coach
“Umbrella employment is the obvious choice”

From the outset, I knew that I didn’t want to start my own business, and I felt that auto-entrepreneur status was inadequate. I found that umbrella employment was a natural fit that simplified my admin, which is what I was looking for. I also thought it was important to get a pay slip every month and have good social coverage, and to get support and networking opportunities.

From independent status to an umbrella company
Estelle D., a writer and journalist employed by MISSIONS-CADRES since 2011, talks about why she opted for something more secure than independent status.

MISSIONS-CADRES: describe your experience as an independent worker.

Estelle D.: "Up until 2003, I was working in-house as a publishing manager specialised in art books and exhibition catalogues at the family firm that my father managed in Switzerland. At the time, I didn’t want to take over the company when my father retired, so I decided to go into business for myself as an independent worker in France.

The first three years, I had lower expenses and deductions, I had a loyal customer base, and I was earning a good living. But I found out that it can get tough after a few years, especially if your workload drops off suddenly.

In the 5th year I was in business, the museums I worked with regularly were reorganised, which cut into their art publishing. I was suddenly earning less, but I was still responsible for fees and deductions from two years before. That’s how it works when you have independent status. So, I was being charged an exorbitant amount compared with what I was actually earning, since I was earning so much less than before. I got further and further into the red, and I couldn’t make my payments on time. Everything snowballed. In 2009, I decided to get out of it."

MC: what made you decide to turn towards an umbrella company and to sign up with MISSIONS-CADRES?

Estelle D.: "I got an assignment as a journalist, writing editorial content for a top Architecture and Design magazine. I was looking for a status that would let me do my new work without all the uncertainty I had before. A friend of mine told me about umbrella companies, and about how service-minded MISSIONS-CADRES is. I would be able to stay in the system and keep paying into my retirement and healthcare funds and everything. I could see three main advantages to working for an umbrella company: the security of employee status, peace of mind about fees and contributions - that is, no unpleasant surprises. If you don’t earn anything, you don’t owe anything - and the fact that I would get paid as soon as I sent my bills, in a business where clients don’t necessarily pay on time.

Plus, as a creative professional, I don’t really have a head for admin, so it was great to find a company that would do all that for me. The icing on the cake was the warm welcome I got from MISSIONS-CADRES."

MC: what are your conclusions, having experience with both systems?

Estelle D.: "Working for an umbrella company gives you freedom, security and flexibility. Totalling up all the fees and deductions that I had to pay as an independent worker (URSSAF, accountants’ fees, professional tax, the lack of deductible costs in my profession), I was watching 70% of my profits go up in smoke, and I didn’t have the advantages that come with an umbrella company, like administrative management and security, especially in the event of a dispute… Now, I keep 50% of what I bill, plus I have greater peace of mind! So, I plan on staying with my umbrella company for the time being."

Valérie P. - Human relations consultant
"True teamwork and teaching by example"
I have been a human relations consultant since 2007. Through MISSIONS-CADRES, I teach courses on "Teamwork," so I am in a good position to describe my work in partnership with MISSIONS-CADRES! They show true teamwork and demonstrate all the concepts that I teach my students: synergy, active complementarity, everyone contributes to the shared objective, effective communication, shared values (professionalism, discipline, responsiveness, as well as fun and creativity, and much more), a feeling of belonging, and a human spirit!
With MISSIONS-CADRES, non-subordination is a given!
I have sponsored two other Consultants (and a third one is signing up now!), which shows just how much I think of MISSIONS-CADRES, which more than honours its motto, "Our mission, bring your own success." At a time when banks, shareholders and politicians are failing to keep many of their promises and are driving the world to the brink of chaos, it is so wonderful to work hand in hand with a company that is down to earth, that hasn’t forgotten that human richness is what really matters!
Yves R. - Consultant
"I was looking for flexibility, efficiency and peace of mind, and Ifound it withMISSIONS-CADRES."

After working for MISSIONS-CADRES for more than ten years, today in 2011, I am pleased to share how satisfied I am with their service, more specifically their services!

I first read about umbrella companies on this very website, which has evolved and changed its interface over the years.

Concretely, at that time, I was working as an independent consultant, but I was deeply dissatisfied with all the heavy restrictions that came along with it. Since I travelled abroad so much for work, I often missed scheduled payments, I didn’t have enough time to contact the fund offices, and I noticed that I spent most of my time on admin, which meant I could spend less time monitoring the competition, for example. In short, what I was looking for was the flexibility, efficiency and peace of mind that comes with working for an umbrella company.

I look back fondly on my first talks with Stéphane Paluszak in Cranves-Sales, in the first MISSIONS-CADRES office. He clearly and consistently told me that now, I would "report to" a "boss"... I would give my "boss" simple instructions: "I am set to earn X for this year. Can you turn it into a standard monthly income of X?" And that was all! It was simple! It was "awesome," as my children would say...

And they took care of my deductions for health insurance, retirement, professional liability insurance, travel insurance, etc. which made things much easier for me. I got the convenience of "employee" status that I had experienced in the past, but with perfect modularity. It goes without saying that over time my financials could change, but my revenues and earnings adjusted in line with the circumstances.

So, I asked MISSIONS-CADRES to handle all the administrative transactions with my clients, and they appreciated the quality of their relations with MISSIONS-CADRES’ highly professional staff. For example, many of my clients were impressed with the unique Basic Social Principles appended to our agreements.

In my work as a consultant, I like how quick they are to send me a form I need, to pay my salary and expenses, to respond to my concerns and to discuss practical matters related to my field. On that last point, I greatly appreciate our secretary general’s efforts to build bridges between different umbrella employees.

I looked back at my past to write these words, because in 2011, I am going to retire. But, since the legislation allows it, I will certainly keep using MISSIONS-CADRES’ services to do some work occasionally.

I’d like to conclude by thanking Michelle, who has worked with me in recent years, and whom I believe to represent all of the human qualities that MISSIONS-CADRES embodies with brio. I would like to send her all my best wishes!

Natacha R. - Human resources consultant
"With MISSIONS-CADRES, I have a dedicated advisor working for me"

I’ve been working exclusively with MISSIONS-CADRES for 6 years now.

The team at MISSIONS-CADRES is so nice, and they are always there for me. That is one of the main things that made me want to work with them.

I have a dedicated advisor who is always there for me and who knows about my specific needs. They provide customised support when I need it.

Thank you for your service.

Pascal P. - Engineering consultant
"Umbrella companies free you up to do what you know best"

Working with an umbrella company has allowed me to work as a consultant for engineering companies that need business advice, but not enough to hire someone full-time

When you work for an umbrella company, you can do your work while remaining independent, without having to set up your own company.

I have more than 2 years’ experience with MISSIONS-CADRES, and I am very happy with them for several reasons. They are great with financial and legal matters, plus they are a pleasure to work with. I wasn’t so happy with another company in the past.  

MISSIONS-CADRES meets my specific quality criteria
When choosing an umbrella company, I looked at how they handle contracts with foreign companies, how they guarantee payment, civil liability, their location and their mindset.

Nicole B. - Consultant
"A personalised, professional attitude"

I am a consultant for the private and public sector. I started working with MISSIONS-CADRES 6 years ago because they offer interesting financial conditions. I have stayed with them for their professional attitude, their respect for my contracts, their quick response to unusual requests, their solid skills base in today's uncertain times, and their good relations with me.

Frédérique B. - Conference stenotypist
"A positive first impression"

Working for an umbrella company: the best way to get started
In 2002, I wanted to start my own business, but I wanted to be able to try it out first and build up my client base. I started by joining a business incubator. Then, when I moved to a different region, I decided to sign up with an umbrella company, which allowed me to do my job without spending time on admin and accounts.
I wasn't happy with the first umbrella company I worked for. It was too anonymous and not very friendly, so I decided to look for something else.

At MISSIONS-CADRES, you get that human aspect
My first impression of MISSIONS-CADRES was great. They are warm and friendly and efficient. They gave me the answers I was looking for right away. With MISSIONS-CADRES, you don't waste any time. You get down to your work and have a warm team there to support you.

MISSIONS-CADRES advances your salary
Financially speaking, MISSIONS-CADRES has a big advantage: they advance you your salary. Most of my clients pay 30 or 45 days from the end of the month, but I don't have to wait until then to get paid!

Valérie P. - HR consultant and instructor
"Word of mouth is a gauge of quality. They deserve it"

My accounting and finances are in the hands of professionals
What could be better than working for an umbrella company like MISSIONS-CADRES when your job involves developing human resources? Through this fortuitous partnership, I can concentrate on my work and leave the accounting and admin to the professionals.

Security, dynamism and networking
On top of these comforts, working for MISSIONS-CADRES has real human benefits, plus you get a boost in your business and networking.

Two of my consultant friends recommended MISSIONS-CADRES to me. They can definitely be proud of their reputation. I heard about them through word of mouth. It’s a gauge of quality, and they deserve it!

Pierre D. - Consultant-Instructor in communications, organisation & management
"A real partner you can count on"

I am a Consultant-Instructor in Communication, Organisation and Management, so I often go onto clients’ sites for short- or long-term assignments, depending on what the company needs or whether they are in the public or private sector. Working for an umbrella company is perfect for my situation. It works really well for my clients and for myself.
They have a really great approach to human relations
I’ve worked for MISSIONS-CADRES for 3 years, and I can say that the whole team, managers and staff alike, are all doing an excellent job. They are always there when you need them. They listen, they are friendly, quick and efficient. Plus they are especially focused on service and human relations.
They are a real partner you can count on!
Since I have worked for them, several people I know have signed up with MISSIONS-CADRES. It’s a natural sign that I like their professional attitude and my relationship with them.

Myriam M. - Consultant
"Exercising your profession with total peace of mind"

With MISSIONS-CADRES, I can do my job as a consultant without worrying about admin and regulatory issues. I know that MISSIONS-CADRES stays up to date on labour regulations, and they use the latest rates for social charges. They also take care of billing clients, which means I can focus on maintaining relations with my future and existing clients. They are so professional, plus they are always available and quick to respond.

François M.J. - HR consultant
"Time saved and better cash management!

I’m an independent headhunter and former consultant for Alexandre TIC, specialised in recruiting executives. I have worked with MISSIONS-CADRES since 2005, first for professionals changing job fields and then as a recruiter.

A professional attitude and advice
Since I started working for MISSIONS-CADRES, I have really appreciated my relationship with the whole team, especially my main two contact people. One is so friendly, efficient and quick to respond, and the other is a source of infinite solutions and ideas about the workplace.

I think umbrella companies save enormous time and help manage cashflow.

Christiane B. - HR consultant, coach and instructor
"A partnership that helps me rest at ease!"

Concentrating on your real job
I have worked for MISSIONS-CADRES since 2003, and before that I had worked independently as a human resources consultant, coach and instructor for 15 years. Every day, I think about how happy I am now. It helps me rest easier and lets me focus on my real profession and serving my clients.

A skilled team
The MISSIONS-CADRES team is dynamic, professional, responsive and quick to listen. They are discreet but active and have great human relations skills. It lets me develop my business at my own pace, and I can feel secure and independent. Many thanks.

Bernard G. - Consultant and instructor in marketing, sales and management
"6 good reasons to work for MISSIONS-CADRES"

Will my clients pay? MISSIONS-CADRES has a solid history and good ratings with its bank. Starting with your first bill, you know you can trust them.

I’m independent - I’m my own boss - will my ego feel compromised? The team considers its employees to be their partners. You’re not just a number!

New Opportunity
Is it wise to move your business to an umbrella company? Look at the facts and judge for yourself. They let you concentrate on what you do best, and they take care of the rest!

I spend one day a week on paperwork. Is there any way I can spend that day playing golf, fishing or doing things with my family instead? Join MISSIONS-CADRES, and you’ll gain 52 free days a year!!!

Okay, but what does it cost? Grab a pen and a calculator, and do the math! An accountant (and tax errors they’re not responsible for); forgotten VAT, filing or paying 10% at least once a year; time spent finding new business. Is it clear yet? Plus, MISSIONS-CADRES puts you in contact with others, passes on tips and information on calls to tender, helps you network, and more.

Good Attitude
I’m independent because I don’t like office life. How do the assistants cope with having to deal with hundreds of "divas"? They are always pleasant and relaxed, but they are very quick and professional. It sometimes seems like an American company. And my old accountant, as much as I paid him, never invited me to come on a cruise along the Rhône and the Saône, one of the great events MISSIONS-CADRES planned.

In conclusion, MISSIONS-CADRES provides its consultants with made-to-measure service and looks after everyone individually!

Philippe B. - Engineering consultant
"I sold my company and started working for an umbrella company. The advantages are clear!

After 25 years working continuously as an engineer for a few different industrial companies, I found myself unemployed. I soon set up my own engineering and training company.

Earning more with an umbrella company
After three years of making a decent living, I was stunned to realise that I would have earned more as an employee of an umbrella company, even while paying into the required insurance plans, which are much better than the ones open to independent workers.
So, I decided to sell off my company and sign my first contract with MISSIONS-CADRES.

MISSIONS-CADRES: a worthwhile service
We’ve been working together for three years now, and the MISSIONS-CADRES team provides a truly worthwhile service. They are there when I need them, and they always do everything they can to resolve my problems.
Plus, they regularly plan events so that the umbrella employees can meet the MISSIONS-CADRES team and management.
Long live MISSIONS-CADRES and long live my work for them.

Joëlle M. - Information/documentation consultant
"Working with an umbrella company is the solution for limiting your risk"

I am a trained librarian and document specialist. I worked in-house at a few different libraries. I decided I wanted to do teaching and consulting, but without giving up my employee status or taking too many risks.
I thought that working for an umbrella company would be the best way to do that. It also means I can gradually reduce my working hours as I get older, and even do a little work after I retire.

MISSIONS-CADRES, on recommendation
I joined MISSIONS-CADRES in 2004 on a former colleague’s recommendation, and I am very happy with them.

You feel close to MISSIONS-CADRES!
I live near Paris, but my interactions with the
MISSIONS-CADRES team have always been quick, efficient and friendly. I really like the fact that they are a human-sized company.