MISSIONS-CADRES hosts 53% of consultants specialising in interpreting and translation

MISSIONS-CADRES specialises in providing umbrella company services for translators and interpreters Ever since MISSIONS-CADRES started, our company has developed a keen understanding of the requirements that are specific to the translation and interpretation business (specific contracts, expenses...). The language professionals hosted by MISSIONS-CADRES are making their skills available to large international organisations, government departments, publishing houses, companies and many administrations. More than 45 languages are represented by MISSIONS-CADRES, including sign language.

Translation and interpretation specialists using umbrella company services: a wide range of missions

Translation and interpreting specialists

  • Translations for a large French standardisation association
  • Interpreting for many public figures, in partnership with record companies, during televised interventions
  • Frequent interpreting assignments for the programmes of a large Franco-German television channel.
  • Interpreting assignments for the Boards of large international groups
  • Interpreting assignments in Germany for a major car manufacturer
  • Interpreting for a Franco-Russian intergovernmental seminar
  • Interpreting for training sessions for a major car manufacturer
  • Interpreting for European Works Councils
  • Interpreting for manager recruiting processes for a major Group
  • Interpreting for a survey institute
  • Interpreting for the Global Innovation Summit

Translation and interpreting specialists

  • Sworn translation assignments for courts and tribunals

Sign-language interpreters

  • Interpreting assignments for administrative and social structures
  • Television interpreting

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Read the testimonials of MISSIONS-CADRES interpreters