MISSIONS-CADRES hosts 15% of consultants specialising in training

Right from its earliest days, MISSIONS-CADRES has developed its expertise in the area of continuous or vocational training Thanks to active monitoring the latest training regulations and thanks to its official certifications, our umbrella company hosts the activities of many consultants specialising in a wide range of training missions.

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Training with umbrella company status: all business sectors covered

Training consultants specialising in coaching and human resources

  • Career management interviews, career plans, adaptation, promotion, prevention, acquisition, maintenance and deepening of knowledge, mapping of potentials, individual and collective motivational levers, behavioural studies for major international hotels and large corporations
  • Staff coaching for several gaming companies
  • Role of the human factor in the transmission of companies for company owners planning to sell, cohesion, human resource management at the highest level, recruiting strategies, on-boarding and compensation strategies, management and delegation, challenges for company owners
  • Management for gardening companies and DIY companies
  • Team management and motivation

Training consultants specialising in educational projects

  • Evaluation of educational projects for municipalities, diagnosis and outlook for child and youth policies, management of a conurbation

Training consultants specialising in health management

  • Breastfeeding and mother-to-child relationship issues for nurses, paediatricians, midwives and child care assistants, for maternity clinics and university teaching hospitals
  • Prevention, management of stress related to violence and aggression, training for grieving spouse or partner support, dynamics of changing team cohesion, with prison staff and large retail firms, etc.

Training consultants specialising in E-communication and IT

  • Project management support for large projects
  • Development of SAP solutions in all functional areas
  • Training for SAP functional modules
  • Training for decision-making tools
  • Training for website and blog design (e-commerce, e-payment, ...)
  • Analysis and development of e-communication, particularly for social network strategies and training
  • Training for office desktop applications

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