A diverse range of themes and audiences

Coaching, human resources

  • Progress evaluation and career management, career plans, adaptation, promotion, prevention, acquisition, skills assessment or improvement, potential mapping, individual and group motivation levers, behaviour exploration for renowned international hotels and top corporations
  • Staff coaching for several gaming establishments
  • The human factor in company successions, cohesion, HR directors’ schemas, recruiting, hiring, and pay strategies, management and delegation, management issues for companies in the Rhône-Alpes region and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Management for garden centres and home improvement stores
  • Team building and management

Education projects

  • Evaluation of municipal education projects, diagnostic and projections for youth and children’s policies, intermunicipal management


  • Breastfeeding and the mother-child relationship with nurses, paediatricians, midwives, and childcare assistants in maternity wards and university hospitals
  • Preventing and managing stress related to violence and aggression, training on "overcoming daily grief following the loss of a spouse," team building dynamics in prisons, hypermarkets, etc.

E-communication IT

  • Contracting assistance for large-scale projects
  • SAP development in all functional areas
  • Training on functional modules in SAP
  • Training in decision making
  • Website and blog development with integrated features (e-commerce, e-payment, etc.)
  • Analysis and development of e-communication, in particular for social media strategies
  • Business software training