MISSIONS-CADRES hosts 32% of independent specialists working in the consulting business

The umbrella company status is particularly suitable for consulting services. At MISSIONS-CADRES, the specialist areas covered by our consultants are highly diverse, with profiles in HR, marketing, IT, creative and technical roles.

Consulting under umbrella company status: a wide variety of missions

Consultants specialising in IT

  • IT project management, development of applications for major groups, development and training with SAP
  • Software development
  • Encoding
  • Cyber security
  • Development of urban communication networks

Consultants specialising in human resources

  • Head hunters: looking for candidates for private companies
  • Strategic workforce planning (SWFP) and skills development for private companies
  • Delegation of commercial follow-up of customers, new prospects for the use of products, recruitment processes, technical facilitation expertise, quality, safety and security for all forms of commercial and industrial companies
  • Setting up SWFP strategies for large groups

Consultants specialising in design and engineering

  • Environment
  • Comprehensive national environmental strategy
  • Framework legislation for protecting the environment, implementation decrees, waste management and disposal
  • Detailed studies including the preparation of definition justification files, accompanied by prototyping (fine-tuning and comprehensive tests and trials)
  • Technical calculations and analyses, advice for the product development process for a large household appliances and television set company
  • Water environment, bathymetric studies for dams
  • Car appraisers for several insurance companies
  • Town and country planning
  • Consultant for façade designs in the context of Montpellier city planning
  • Biotechnology and health
  • Development for pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Preparation of technical documents
  • Conferences on specific topics
  • Project design and management for international organisations

Consultants specialising in marketing and commercial development

  • Commercial development
  • Marketing strategy for international groups
  • Definition of opportunities and positioning for tourist hosting facilities, development plan
  • Facilitation of sales and marketing developments for the sales network of a large well-known company
  • Study of the implementation of a results-based financing project in Morocco
  • Impact studies for canoeing activities in a nature site
  • Digital marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Social network management
  • Webmasters

Consultants specialising in communication, copywriting and creative writing

  • Communication strategy
  • Creative communication
  • Page setting for large publishing houses
  • Creation of logos, websites, templates and composition, synthesis and organisation of welcome screens
  • Writing of articles for a pharmaceutical magazine
  • Writing of local government bulletins
  • Communication campaigns
  • Communication strategy
  • Audiotyping for Board meetings of large national companies
  • Community managers
  • Specialist press journalism

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