Umbrella employment is more than just a status - it is a personalised relationship!

For MISSIONS-CADRES, every one of our independent professionals - we like to call them our "collaborators," from the Latin cum laborare, meaning to work with - is a unique person with projects that are both professional and personal.

MISSIONS-CADRES sees its umbrella employees as partners. Our professional relationship with you is based on what we see as the founding principle of umbrella employment: non-subordination, the only guarantee that our employees are free to do their work independently.

Your success relies on quality service adapted to your specific needs. Our mission is providing you with the security you need to operate your business: transparent, responsive management no matter how complex. For MISSIONS-CADRES, your success also relies on the trust-based relationship between your personal advisor, who understands your profession and what you need to develop your client base.

MISSIONS-CADRES’ director is a former Human Relations Manager, a former member of France’s Association Nationale des Cadres du Personnel, so he has a perfect understanding of what independent service providers need. Thanks to his skills and experience, he developed a made-to-measure service providing advice, support, and management for your umbrella assignments.

For quality service, human relationships are what counts!

Our umbrella employees are our partners, which is why MISSIONS-CADRES focuses so much on developing close relationships - no impersonal intranet systems here - and the services you need to make your work a success.

We help you with the everyday tasks related to your work as an independent umbrella employee, along with your personal and professional development, with respect for your rhythm and your objectives, supporting you when you come up against difficulties.