Our mission is making YOU a success

Votre projet d’activité indépendanteMISSIONS-CADRES offers full, made-to-measure services for umbrella employees, to provide you with daily support in managing and developing your business as an independent consultant, instructor, creative, interpreter, or translator.

Because you are a unique entrepreneur, we base our quality approach on a personalised response to your needs. You get a dedicated advisor who acts as the partner in your success, supporting you through every stage of your professional projects.

MISSIONS-CADRES is based in Annemasse, France, just across the border from Geneva. We have been a trusted partner to more than 400 employees around France, and to hundreds of companies around the world, for 17 years.

Quality service, the mark of trust

  • A team of experts in company management, human resources, accounting, law, tax, and business development to advise you and manage your case.
  • A unique contact person for customised support.
  • Quick response time: get your service contract within 24 hours.
  • Our expertise in putting together complex contracts (foreign contracts).
  • Constant improvement to our operational methods and a specialist’s understanding of your profession.
  • Discipline and transparency, with business reports detailed to the nearest cent.
  • Wide-reaching technological monitoring.
  • Training possibilities through DIF (droit individuel à la formation).
  • Sufficient cash flow to pay you each month, as soon as you send your bill, without waiting for the client to pay.
  • Personal support to help you develop your business.

With MISSIONS-CADRES, you get a network of partners to help you with your success


  • the Pôle-Emploi,
  • APEC,
  • organisations for high-level job-seekers,
  • training organisations,
  • universities and "grandes écoles",
  • Chambers of Commerce,
  • government ministries,
  • professional organisations

Respecting your independence, our priority for the past since 1997

MISSIONS-CADRES is not a member of the new umbrella union, a result of the merger between the SNEPS and the FeNPS, because the form of umbrella employment it supports does not respect your independence as an entrepreneur.