Our mission: to ensure your success working with an umbrella company

Our mission

Since 1997, MISSIONS-CADRES has been making available to consultants, trainers, creative talents, free-lance interpreters and translators, a complete service offer, that is completely bespoke to give the support you need to manage and grow your business daily.

MISSIONS-CADRES’s umbrella services: rooted in a commitment to quality

Commitment n.1 - To serve you, our experts are continuously monitoring the latest business trends and developments

Thanks to our unique experience in providing umbrella services since 1997, at MISSIONS-CADRES we have developed cutting-edge expertise regarding legislation governing tax, accounting and industrial relations issues as well as in human resources. For you, MISSIONS-CADRES is:

  • A team of experts to advise you and manage your administration
  • Experienced umbrella company professionals trained to deal with the requirements of your profession
  • Continuous monitoring of the emerging job profiles in the knowledge business
  • Our expertise for drawing up even your most complex contracts (international umbrella company).

Commitment n.2 - Our responsiveness to all your requests concerning umbrella operations

  • Your email requests are processed in under 24 hours.
  • Your urgent contracts are completed in 48 hours so you can start your assignment as soon as possible using umbrella company facilities

Commitment n.3 - Your personal advisor is available to guide you in your day-to-day management processes

Each independent worker operating under the umbrella company is unique. Our priority is to provide bespoke answers to your needs, throughout your experience with our umbrella company: from the definition of the project to the commercial development of your business. We are the facilitators of your business.

A personal advisor dedicated to you, a trusted partner who supports you daily at each stage of your activity and helps you to adopt a winning commercial strategy.

Commitment n.4 - Your finances in full transparency

  • In accordance with the terms of payment of our umbrella company, your remuneration is paid in advance of the payment by your customer
  • A management statement of your business every month
  • Help in defining your pricing
  • No entrance or exit costs
  • Your tenders (administrative part) managed by MISSIONS-CADRES

Commitment n.5 - The full respect of your autonomy in the umbrella company

  • Your customers belong to you
  • Your intellectual property belongs to you
  • MISSIONS-CADRES protects and respects your personal data and undertakes to the greatest confidentiality in any processing of your assignments

The consultants operating under our umbrella company have been loyal to us for a long time!

Based in France, in Annemasse, just across the border from Geneva, MISSIONS-CADRES is the umbrella company of close to 300 consultants operating throughout France and abroad, and who recognise our reliability. Their average loyalty rate is 8 years.

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