The umbrella company status - respect for your autonomy


At MISSIONS-CADRES, we like to use the French term “collaborateurs” to describe the professionals we are hosting with an umbrella status (from the Latin cum laborare = working with). Each consultant is a unique person with a career project that is both professional and personal

MISSIONS-CADRES considers you first and foremost as a partner. Our professional relationship is based on the historical founding principle of the umbrella company: non-subordination, the only guarantee for being one hundred percent empowered and free to undertake your own business.

For quality service, close relations first and foremost!

Our mission is to ensure your success. That success is based on a quality of service that isn’t standardised. MISSIONS-CADRES attaches great importance to cultivating a close relationship with its partners.

Dedicated advisors are able to meet your specific needs because they take the time to fully get to know the requirements of your business, your development objectives and your personal situation, so that our umbrella services give you the support you need. We support you in the daily reality of your business, respecting your pace and your objectives and supporting you in the event of difficulties.

A duty of transparency for a relationship of trust

MISSIONS-CADRES manages your remuneration in full transparency. Every month, you receive a document that summarises the amounts of your invoices, your professional expenses and any jobs sub-contracted. Your monthly pay bulletin details your respective social contributions (personal and employer’s share), the management fee rate applied by the company and your tax rate (meeting the new tax-at-source measures introduced in France in 2019).

More on the pay bulletins under umbrella company status

A commitment to advice and confidentiality

Our advisors have cutting-edge expertise in the business of their consultants and are regularly trained in the new tax and social regulations. The business of our consultants is subject to strict confidentiality. Your clients and your intellectual property belong to you personally.