Our financial solidity guarantees your security

Des frais de gestion maîtrisésThanks to its financial solidity, MISSIONS-CADRES pays you in full, including expenses, each month, even before your client pays your invoices.

MISSIONS-CADRES has a Salary Guarantee insurance policy.

MISSIONS-CADRES helps you understand every aspect of your umbrella salary

Understanding how your income is calculated

Your management fees include:

  • All administrative and tax management (contracts, etc.);
  • Professional Liability Insurance that insures your umbrella services with MISSIONS-CADRES;
  • Full advance payment of your salary, before your clients pay;
  • Free follow-up of unpaid bills, until final notice of non-payment must be given;
  • Personalised support for business development;
  • Your training certification number.

Declining scale for management fees

MISSIONS-CADRES applies a lower rate for management fees as your billings increase. The more you bill, the less we take out, making your work even more profitable:

2019 annual billings1 Normal rate2 Participation in new expenses3 Secondment If expense report
0 < CA < 18 799 € 10% 1,5% 13% +2%
18 799 € < CA < 75 195 € 8% 1,5% 11% +2%
75 195 € < CA 6% 1,5% 9% +2%

1- Revised January 1st of each year according to the Syntec index of November 2018: 270.20
2- Automatically returns to 10% (or 12% if expense report) on January 1 st of each year. A fixed rate can be determined for a minimum annual billings recorded on the contract. If billings is not reached, the rate returns to its normal value.
3- Participation deducted from the monthly invoicing corresponding to the additional expenses of the new legal or regulatory obligations. This participation can evolve, at any moment, according to the evolution of these obligations.

What do social contributions cover?

As an independent umbrella employee, you pay the social contributions incumbent upon the employee and the employer. MISSIONS-CADRES applies the contribution rates set by the SYNTEC, the French federation of engineers, IT service providers, consultants, and continuing education instructors.

Thanks to your employee status, your contributions provide coverage in the event of illness, accident, or unemployment. You also pay into pension schemes.

What is the difference between cadre and non-cadre status?

The main advantage of cadre status is better coverage in the event of illness or accident. There is only a slight difference in how much you contribute.

What business expenses can I deduct as an umbrella employee?

You can deduct all expenses incurred during the month, upon proof of expense:

  • Travel costs: set by the URSSAF, without providing receipts, BUT with a breakdown of travel in your MISSIONS-CADRES expense statement;
  • Kilometres travelled according to vehicle category (date, client name, kilometres);
  • Accommodation, meals, and travel: actual cost with receipt proof;
  • Communication costs, with receipt proof: 50% of total cost;
  • Other expenses such as administrative supply, advertising, marketing, etc.

You may discuss any other expenses with your personal advisor.

Choose your umbrella company carefully

You expect a certain quality of service from your umbrella company, so take the time to compare.

Many umbrella companies advertise management fees of less than 10% (even as low as 2 or 3%). But higher indirect deductions may be hiding behind this marketing tactic:

  • uncertain calculation methods, with social contributions filed under employer deductions or billing costs;
  • partial payment, with the balance theoretically paid after the client pays your bill;
  • additional sign-up and/or leaving costs.

To choose your umbrella company with full peace of mind, use a simulator to compare, entering in an annual figure to check your net pay.

To calculate your potential earnings, use the MISSIONS-CADRES simulator.