Independent work: get umbrella status within 72 hours

First contact

Has your first client just offered you work? Don’t miss out just because you don’t have the right professional status. To become an umbrella worker, sign up by email or by phone. It’s free! You will get answers to all your questions and solutions that suit your profile and your immediate needs.

The same day, you get a registration form to fill out and return to us, and our umbrella employment guide.

To join MISSIONS-CADRES’ 400 umbrella consultants, instructors, interpreters, and translators, just email us your signed and completed registration form, along with the necessary documents.

Your URSSAF forms filed within 48 hours

Once we receive your registration form and a copy of your ID, MISSIONS-CADRES signs your umbrella agreement. We also prepare a service contract to be signed by your client, MISSIONS-CADRES, and yourself. An umbrella contract is signed by MISSIONS-CADRES and the umbrella employee for each service contract.

Then we file your URSSAF forms within 48 hours.

We give you all the documents you need to run your business smoothly and to secure all your assignments (templates for quotes, service contracts, training agreements, invoices, business expenses, an umbrella guide, etc.).

Fully operational

Now all you have to do is dedicated yourself 100% to your business. Your clients are your own, and you are their main contact.