A clear umbrella agreement for careful administration

Administration de votre activité en portage salarialMISSIONS-CADRES does not charge any registration fees and sets no obligations on the length of your working relationship. Our employees stay with us for 7 years on average.

You receive a full file:

  • Your “employee” record from our salary management software;
  • Your analytic account for business tracking;
  • Your employee file that includes all the legally-required information about you;
  • Your full independent umbrella employment file (invoice template, terms and conditions, training file, service contract, expense statements, etc.).

Then, we wait for you to send either your first purchase order or your service or training contract approved by your client before we write up your hiring statement.

A custom-made contract for every assignment

MISSIONS-CADRES writes your service contract to benefit you as much as possible before you and your client sign it. We are specialised in writing all types of service contracts, including for employees with cadre status working abroad or offshore.

You and MISSIONS-CADRES then sign an umbrella contract that defines our partnership.

You are paid, with full transparency, from your first assignment

When you are independent, self-employed, or in-house, you have to wait for your client to pay the invoice before you can get paid. Not when you are an umbrella employee with MISSIONS-CADRES!

Starting at the end of your first month of work with us, we look at all your billing within France and establish your first pay slip. You receive your salary at the beginning of the next month. There are no unpleasant surprises: MISSIONS-CADRES pays you your full salary, after deducting our management fees and your social contributions.

Your umbrella employment file is handled to best suit your interests

MISSIONS-CADRES handles admin, accounting, and all documents related to your independent umbrella employment status with the utmost care:

  • Quotes, assignment contracts, calls to tender, framework agreements;
  • New and concluded umbrella contracts;
  • Invoicing in France and abroad;
  • Business expenses and assignment costs;
  • Follow-up of YOUR clients’ payment. MISSIONS-CADRES intervenes, with your approval, in the event of late payment, from call-backs to final notice, even issuing orders to pay if necessary;
  • Your monthly pay slip with an appropriate transfer statement;
  • A detailed breakdown of all monthly operations, including pending invoices;
  • All useful statements;
  • Social contribution statements;
  • VAT deductions from your invoices;
  • Labour admin management, URSSAF statements, insurance, providence, ASSEDIC statements, illness/accident/maternity filings, etc.

For MISSIONS-CADRES, service quality relies on the overall character of administrative coverage for our umbrella employees.