The right status for independent translators

Traductrices et traducteurs ind├ępendants gr├óce au portage salarialMore than 80% of translators are freelance or self-employed.

In a highly competitive context driven by translation agencies (source: SFT), your professional status is a strategic choice for your success.

As an umbrella employee for MISSIONS-CADRES, reconcile job security and made-to-measure advice.

Umbrella status – the right option for translators

  • The independence of freelance or self-employed status, with the security of employee status
  • No administration or tax management! Save time so you can translate more!
  • No fees if you take time off work
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Tax status according to how much you actually work
  • Payment at the end of the month your work was done
  • Personalised advice to help your business grow
  • Service contracts that protect you
  • No need for cash flow

MISSIONS-CADRES, the specialist in the translation sector

At MISSIONS-CADRES, we employ 150 translators who chose us for our daily career support. MISSIONS-CADRES is your trusted partner for:

  • reliable professional support, with 24-hour response,
  • fully transparent contracts and invoicing,
  • a sliding scale for management fees,
  • translation sector monitoring: typical rates, opportunities from the MISSIONS-CADRES network, translation calls to tender,
  • reimbursement of travel expenses,
  • the opportunity to work as a project manager on large translation projects.

With MISSIONS-CADRES, focus exclusively on your work as an independent translator

MISSIONS-CADRES is a trusted partner that helps you save time and make the right business decisions.

Our trust-based relationship with you relies on understanding your requirements for discretion and transparency.

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