Custom status for independent instructors

independant instructor

In France, an average of more than €30 billion is spent each year on professional training and continuing education.

Although the economic climate remains dynamic, independent instructors have less room to negotiate their fees.

What status should you choose to reconcile job security and productivity?

At MISSIONS-CADRES, 45% of our umbrella employees are instructors.

Umbrella status – a winning option for instructors

  • This status costs nothing and lets you test out your project with full security.
  • The independence of being freelance or owning a small business, with the added advantages of employee status.
  • No admin or company tax to deal with! You can gain on average 25% of billable time!
  • Tax status depending on the amount of time you actually worked.
  • You get paid at the beginning of the month after your training assignment.
  • Full administrative coverage of your training paperwork (training contract, training agenda, OPCA coverage).

MISSIONS-CADRES, an expert in the training field since 1997

At MISSIONS-CADRES, more than half of our independent umbrella employees are instructors.

They trust us for our expertise in the training field and for our support. Each step of the way, we provide:

  • An authorised instructor registration number
  • A dedicated advisor who takes care of all your administrative matters
  • Reliable, responsive support within 24 hours
  • Contracts and invoices with full transparency
  • 100% of your salary paid at the end of the month, even before your client pays the final invoice and before OPCA reimbursement
  • Information about calls to tender for training
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses
  • The option to become a training project manager

With MISSIONS-CADRES, you focus on your training business, not on admin!

MISSIONS-CADRES helps you with every step of your training assignment, including drawing up a training contract, setting out a training agenda, producing certificates for trainees and attendance sheets, securing OPCA coverage and sending evaluation questionnaires.

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