Time-saving tips for freelance interpreters

Interprète freelance en portage salarialAccording to AIIC studies, France is the world’s number one market for private interpreters, with around 1,400 interpreters based in France.

Many professionals in this demanding field are freelance, and, even more than in other jobs, their time is precious.

As an umbrella employee with MISSIONS-CADRES, you can save time and meet your clients’ needs faster.

Simplify your job through umbrella status

  • As an umbrella employee, you get the independence of freelance status and the security of employee status.
  • Full coverage of the legal and administrative aspects of your business.
  • Tax status depending on the amount of time you actually work.
  • You get paid at the beginning of the month after your assignment.
  • A support team to help you draft service contracts, no matter how complex they are.

MISSIONS-CADRES, the specialist in the interpreting field

At MISSIONS-CADRES, we employ more than 100 interpreters, who rely on our expertise so that they can focus exclusively on their core business. When you’re not working or travelling to another conference, take a break and leave the rest to your trusted partner. MISSIONS-CADRES provides:

  • reliable professional support, with 24-hour response,
  • fully transparent contracts and invoicing,
  • 100% pay,
  • sliding scales for management fees and payment at the end of the next month, even before your client pays your invoice,
  • interpreting market monitoring,
  • coverage of assignment expenses.

With MISSIONS-CADRES, focus on your interpreting work

According to the AIIC, your end clients have the following criteria for satisfaction: linguistic ability, respect for confidentiality, and trust.

Someone who speaks our language!

Since 1997, MISSIONS-CADRES has offered made-to-measure support to independent interpreters, who work with us for an average of seven years. Our trust-based relationship with you relies on understanding your requirements for discretion and transparency.

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For more information: read the umbrella guide for interpreters