MISSIONS-CADRES: one company’s success story

Stéphane Paluszak, fondateur de MISSIONS-CADRESSince 1997, the MISSIONS-CADRES story has been that of twofold success: yours and ours

In 1997, I decided to definitively turn my back on life as a salaried employee and take on a sizeable challenge: creating my own job by founding a new service company. I wanted to bring a new, sustainable solution to all the consultants, instructors, translators and interpreters who wanted the freedom of freelance work, with added security!

I discovered the concept of umbrella companies from English-speaking countries. This new way of working was starting to become popular in France’s service sector. I took the plunge, and MISSIONS-CADRES became a pioneering French umbrella company. Along with all the employees who trust us, my team and I have built MISSIONS-CADRES up to become a leading umbrella company since it was created.

The MISSIONS-CADRES story has been that of a twofold success, the success of the company that I founded and the success of the more than 1.600 independent workers who have become umbrella employees beside us.

We believe in making you a success, under our umbrella

With 400 umbrella employees and a loyalty rate of 6 years on average, today MISSIONS-CADRES is recognized for the quality and the transparency of its services.

Our expertise lies in our idea of made-to-measure service: helping your entrepreneurial efforts

Our well-established team is constantly working to develop its expertise in human resources, tax matters, accounting, legal affairs, and international umbrella contracts. Thanks to this high standard of excellence, we are your partner for all your projects, while protecting your entrepreneurial freedom.

Our serious attitude, helping you become a success!

To do this, my team applies the same standards of excellence that have helped me succeed over the long term:

  • knowing how to listen to your entrepreneurial vision
  • reacting quickly to your needs, such as signing service contracts within 24 hours
  • keeping you secure, thanks MISSIONS-CADRES’ financial solidity and transparency, guaranteeing that you get paid each month, even before your final invoice is paid, and full reimbursement of your business expenses.

MISSIONS-CADRES has opted in favour of close, personal relationships, so that our shared story remains one of confidence.

Today, MISSIONS-CADRES is a top leader in entrepreneurial umbrella companies.

Thank you!

Stéphane Paluszak, MISSIONS-CADRES founder and manager

Natacha R. – Human resources consultant

“I have worked exclusively for MISSIONS-CADRES for the past eight years”

Thanks to their expertise, their kindness, and their attention to detail, MISSIONS-CADRES’ staff members have really made me want to work for this umbrella company. I have a dedicated advisor who is always there for my specific needs, who provides me with personalised service when I need it most.

Thank you for this high-quality service!