MISSIONS-CADRES: the story of a two-way success, yours and ours

Stéphane Paluszak

“MISSIONS-CADRES has made the choice of giving preference to fostering a close relationship with its consultants, and that relationship must remain a relationship of trust between you and us!”
Stéphane Paluszak, founder of MISSIONS-CADRES.

In 1997 Stéphane Paluszak, a former Head of Human Relations (for a large international corporation) and a former Member of the National Association of Human Resources Managers, made a decisive choice to leave behind the classic salaried employee relationship to take up a new challenge: provide a sustainable solution for independent consultants, trainers, translators and interpreters seeking to freely undertake their job in a secure environment!

He had discovered the Anglo-American concept of an umbrella company and a new and original way of working, particularly suited to intellectual professions, that combines autonomy with access to the same social protection as regular salaried employees.

MISSIONS- CADRES, one of the first umbrella companies in France

In 1997, Stéphane Paluszak founded MISSIONS-CADRES, one of the pioneering companies paving the way for umbrella company operations in France. The concept immediately caught on with managers and executives looking for jobs, and then with free-lance consultants looking for a simplified work status. In just a few years, MISSIONS-CADRES has become one of the leaders of umbrella company operations in France, thanks to the investment of its team and the success of its consultants.

The success of our consultants is the success of MISSIONS-CADRES.

Since 1997, thousands of independent consultants have launched into their career thanks to the umbrella company services provided by MISSIONS-CADRES. With an on average loyalty rate of 8 years, our consultants bear witness to the quality of our personalised services. Their success is our creed and the foundation of our mission.

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The culture of MISSIONS-CADRES is to provide day-to-day support for entrepreneurs

Today, as in its earliest days, the corporate culture of MISSIONS-CADRES is based on the quadruple requirements laid down by its founder:

  • An ability to listen to your free-lance vision while operating in the context of umbrella company services
  • In-depth knowledge of the requirements of your business, to provide advice and support in your day-to-day business
  • Secure your business journey through our umbrella services, thanks to the strength and financial transparency of MISSIONS-CADRES, guaranteeing your remuneration every month without waiting for the final payment of your invoices and fully refunding your professional expenses.
  • Respond quickly to your requests: an umbrella service contract signed in under 24 hours.

MISSIONS-CADRES’s in-house team is continuously building up its expertise in the areas of HR, taxation, accounting, legal and contract drafting for international umbrella services. It is this absolute commitment to excellence that allows us to be the reliable partner you need for your business and to unfailingly protect your interests.