Supporting your activity as an independent umbrella worker

Continuous fiscal and legal monitoring

Vous accompagner au quotidienWith MISSIONS-CADRES, your dedicated advisor is trained in continuous specialised monitoring (labour law, pay, tax matters, accounting, business law, social security law, the civil code, parental rights, housing assistance, coaching, etc.).

They also work in close cooperation with our external partners: certified accountants, business law firms, tax lawyers, insurers, etc.

We constantly keep up with administration of your status as an independent umbrella worker, with respect for the latest regulations.

Your business is secure

  • You are covered by liability insurance for service providers, through a policy with ALLIANZ.
  • You are covered by a providence scheme and an education stipend through MALAKOFF/MEDERIC.
  • You are covered by the SYNTEC collective agreement.
  • Instructors are covered by the company’s training declaration number.
  • If you wish, MISSIONS-CADRES may sign you up for the MALAKOFF/MEDERIC pension scheme for cadres.

Business development assistance

  • Free logistical support for submitting tender bids: help writing the administrative sections and sending in bids.
Our network of umbrella employees gives you access to interesting calls to tender just like bigger companies.
  • A dynamic, interactive network of umbrella employees can help you set up a website, translate texts into any language, provide professional coaching, and more.
  • The opportunity to prospect for other umbrella employees, from home and over the internet.
  • Our “Go for the Umbrella!©” sponsors’ club gives you the chance to earn extra income by bringing in new umbrella employees.

Your personal development matters to us!

  • With MISSIONS-CADRES, you can take courses using individual training credits.
  • Get “Action Logement” housing assistance for your primary residence or to finance home improvement work (information available upon request).