Your personal advisor is here to guide you

With MISSIONS-CADRES, you are more than just a number! Your MISSIONS-CADRES advisor is here to answer all your questions. They are trained to understand your personality, your background, and your projects, to provide you with fully customised service in line with your objectives.

A single contact person and expert partners

From your first contact, you are assigned a personal advisor who follows every aspect of your case. Any questions about your status as an umbrella employee, your assignments, and your business development will be dealt with immediately.

Full information about umbrella employment

At the end of your first interview, you receive a full registration file:

  • The umbrella employment guide, a MISSIONS-CADRES publication about your new status as an umbrella employee;
  • Your MISSIONS-CADRES registration form – free of charge, with no obligation to sign up;
  • The umbrella sponsor’s guide: you earn commission by bringing new employees to MISSIONS-CADRES;
  • A presentation of umbrella employment with MISSIONS-CADRES for your clients: a bonus guide that presents the advantages of your new independent status for company directors who need to outsource work;
  • The price simulator and a precise rate table so you can adjust your rates to the market.

Your advisor is at your disposal for any legal, commercial, labour, fiscal, and accounting information you need to develop your business.

So feel free to contact them any time!