Umbrella employment = autonomy, flexibility, and security

When you opt for umbrella employment, you get independence without the constraints of admin and tax issues, plus the advantages of employee status. It’s a win-win situation for service providers and their clients.

For the umbrella employee


For the company director

Autonomy and flexibility

  • Independence and better time management
  • Set your own rates
  • Maintain your client portfolio
  • Flexibility of working from home
  • Work on one-off assignments (younger workers)


  • Try a new profession risk-free
  • Support from MISSIONS-CADRES’ legal structure (liability insurance, instructor registration number).
  • Possibility of paying into the Cadres pension fund
  • Payment at the beginning of the month following your assignment


  • Fully operational, no more lost time due to admin.
  • Practical, with the option of doing continuing education (Individual Training Credits).

Professional flexibility

  • No administrative formalities (time savings)
  • Control over all social contributions
  • No redundancies
  • Flexible payroll management

Optimised human resources

  • Access to new talents, in line with the company’s actual needs.
  • No need to create new job positions
  • The experience of a confirmed professional
  • Work is outsourced
  • Less expensive than a temp agency

Quick response

  • Better suited to the market’s demands
  • MISSIONS-CADRES’ employees have a wide range of skills and professional profiles (consulting, training, interpreting, and translation).