Umbrella company services: become independent

Create your employment by becoming independent with MISSIONS-CADRES, the company that has been providing expert umbrella services since 1997.

Key facts about umbrella company services

Thanks to your status as a salaried employee of an umbrella company, you'll be able to undertake assignments as a freelance provider to companies looking for qualified services in the knowledge business, while being able to count on the umbrella company to manage your administration and billing. Become a successful freelancer benefiting from the same social protection as regular salaried employees, supported by MISSIONS-CADRES in your new business, whether in France or internationally.

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5 reasons for choosing MISSIONS-CADRES for your umbrella services


No more of the administrative bureaucracy that is such a burden for a freelancer, our team of experts does it for you


Your status as a salaried employee of an umbrella company is activated within 48 hours, your requests are processed within 24 hours.


All the social rights of an employee, your remuneration and your professional expenses paid in full monthly.


We are your trusted partner on a daily basis, to help you develop your core business.


Your clients and your intellectual property belong to you personally. You manage your business with total autonomy.

Whether you are already a service provider or searching for a job, undergoing professional retraining or a future entrepreneur, test your market in secure conditions by entrusting your "back office" to an expert umbrella company.

Be demanding with your umbrella company

450 freelancers trust MISSIONS-CADRES. They want the services of an umbrella company tailored to their needs. Do as they are doing, be demanding!

With MISSIONS-CADRES, you will be opting for a team of experts in umbrella services, recognised for the past 20 years for their quality of service based on respect for human relationships and your independence.