Secure independence with an umbrella company

In today's tense economic climate, companies need independent workers more than ever. They are increasingly outsourcing to help further their growth. For the self-employed, this is an opportunity for new professional success: become an independent employee with MISSIONS-CADRES, your personal umbrella advisor.

Why start your business under the umbrella?

  • You are a service provider looking for a job or hoping to start a new business.
  • You want to go freelance, but without the bureaucracy and paperwork of independent status.
  • You want to focus on your core business to win new clients and increase earnings.
  • You want secure cash flow, without having to chase up unpaid invoices.
  • You are looking for commercial support to develop your business.

Set the bar high for your umbrella company

  • Ask your umbrella company for custom support, which is what MISSIONS-CADRES' 450 umbrella employees get:
  • a personal advisor who is an expert in HR, tax, and administrative matters, specialised in your core business,
  • your expert in international service contracts,
  • your trusted partner for continuously securing your business and increasing earnings,
  • a responsive team on-hand for urgent matters (service contracts signed within 24 hours),
  • financial solidity, with your monthly salary and expenses paid in full, with complete transparency.

Develop your business with full peace of mind

As an umbrella employee, you create your own job and develop your own business, with your own clients. There is no subordination to the umbrella company, yet you have the protection and security of employee status.

MISSIONS-CADRES is an expert umbrella company that, for 15 years, has based its service quality on respect for human relationships and its employees' independence.